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Take me wandering through these streets

where bright lights and angels meet

And I still don't know if I'm a falcon or a storm
12 October
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...And there are no words for that.
Hello, Hello I think I made you up inside my head
My name's Nina, no nicknames or anything like that, just Nina and that's it. If anyone mentions the name 'UU', they are lying bastards. Currently occupying a space in Tampa but we move a fair amount, even if distance-wise we don't actually go that far.
My LJ's a little bit of everything, fandom stuff, life stuff, random stuff that just makes me smile. Friend it if you'd like, chances are I'll be more than happy to friend you back!

Here is a list of all the character journals I've created.

If you happen to be interested in playing with anyone, don't be afraid to give me a shout or just comment in that particular entry.

Nobody knows me at all And I will take the chain from off the door
+ Female.
+ Lesbian.
+ Writing is good. Writing is what I do. I like other things out writing's going to be what really pleases me.
+ Roleplaying is also good stuff. I'll do just about anything once and certain things more than that. I love to RP and if you ever want to thread with me, just give me a poke.
+ A geek and very content with this fact.
+ I listen to a pathetic amount of music. Maybe this is because I can't properly make music myself but I love it and love hearing things I've never listened to before.
+ Sleeping patterns don't exist for me any more.
+ My attention span occasionally forgets that I need it.
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ashes on windows

I'm almost always on, so if you ever wanna chat, don't hesitate.

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